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The sculpting of your raw recordings into a mix that enhances your unique sound.  I'm willing to go as weird & wonderful as you want



The final processing of your already mixed songs to achieve "radio ready" perceived volume & increased clarity across a variety of listening environments. 

I currently offer a free mastering sample to anyone interested in hearing the benefits of mastering on their own songs! To learn more about the process check out my Mastering FAQ.

Past Work


"Glenn is a talented musician with a unique perspective as a producer. I trust him with my music. Beyond having a well trained ear and technical expertise, he has a natural musical sensibility - you can't learn that in school, you got it or you don't. This is what separates him from the crowd. There's engineering audio -- and then there's making music. If you want to make music, go with Glenn." - Zac Little (Saintseneca)

"He does fantastic work and is reliable, professional, and really took the time to feel the song and bring the tracks to a perfect mix..." 
-Nancy Kells (Spartan Jet-Plex)

"Glenn is a genius. He made me sound better than I ever could alone." - Stewart Johnson (Sweet Teeth)

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Glenn Davis

Starting as an artist (Way Yes, Glenn Davis, Triangle Piece) & continuing as an engineer I have spent over a decade making albums in Columbus, OH. I love blending acoustic & electronic instruments & have developed a taste for trippy sounds & psychedelic productions. When it comes to music it's all about "the ooze." My current passion is helping artists develop their own unique sound.



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