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What Exactly Is Mastering?
Mastering is the final processing of your already mixed songs to achieve "radio ready" perceived volume & increased clarity across a variety of listening environments. It's the last step of the recording process before you can call your record complete. You're going to love it! Part of mastering is also preparing your music for each release format you have in mind (vinyl, digital, etc).
Do I Need Mastering?
If you are getting ready to release a song to the world & want it hold it's own compared to other professional recordings, then you'll want to seriously consider mastering services. Mastering is a often mysterious process, but the short answer is that your songs will always sound better mastered than unmastered! 

Here are a couple of quick comparisons to hear what’s possible:


Zach Koors - This Singular (Spotify link)

Mery Steel - Tender Get (Spotify Link)

Ramey - There Is A Light (Spotify link)


Are You The Right Mastering Engineer For My Music?
Hopefully! I recommend comparing two or three mastering engineers who are willing to do a test master. After you get the sample master back, trust your ears! The results should speak for themselves. 

Do You Use Analog Gear?
No. My current go-to mastering set up is fully digital. I've found that my clients & I are just as happy with the results & it makes addressing any revision requests significantly more efficient! Most mastering engineers use a similar set of tools (EQ, Compression, Limiter, etc) but the main difference is the taste, experience, & ears of the person you choose to work with.
How Much Does It Cost?
My mastering services start at $5o per song including any revisions as needed, but I will happily test master one of your songs for free. Fill out the request form below to get your project started.  I will be in touch via email with a link for you to upload a mix directly to my server & you can hear the results for yourself on your own music.