Pillar Of Na.jpg

PILLAR OF NA (LIVE) by Saintseneca
Released November 15th, 2018 by ANTI Records

Saintseneca recorded a live version of their epic tune Pillar Of Na, at Columbus, Ohio’s legendary Musicol Recording. I mixed & mastered the song afterward to polish the sound:

Below is a comparison video of the second half of the song, to A/B the raw tracks to the final mastered mix:

Saintseneca The Wandering Star

Released December 23, 2017

Saintseneca's annual Christmas song for 2017. This track was recorded by the band & sent off to me for mixing at my home studio in Columbus, Ohio. I was able to turn this one around quick so the band could release just before the holiday as free download on their bandcamp site.


MOON BARKS AT THE DOG by Saintseneca
Released November 14, 2017 by Anti Records

I recorded Sainseneca's Zac Little playing this song in my studio in Columbus, OH (see a video of the original take here). The band then took the song and did some overdubs on their end. We also tracked the bass & a few more things back at my place in another session.  I was able to sneak in Max Lewis of Way Yes playing his signature surdo in the climax of the song (It's mixed more like a kick drum, but see if you can pick it out). Zac's songwriting never ceases to amaze me. Hard to mess this one up!  

Saintseneca Such Things.jpg

(GLENN DAVIS REMIX) by Saintseneca
Released March 30th, 2016 by Anti Records

Blankets was a song that grabbed me from the first time I heard it. Zac of Saintseneca has a magic songwriting touch that was a blast to reinterpret. This track ended up as an online extra for ANTI records while they were promoting the album Such Things.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 11.53.49 AM.png

Released October 26th, 2015 by Anti Records

The music video for Saintseneca’s Bad Ideas featured lead singer Zac Little singing his own song in a dingy karaoke bar. The band had the idea that the real song would fade away and you’d briefly hear the true sound of Zac singing over the karaoke version. Knowing that I’m a huge MIDI nerd, the band approached me to make the karaoke version of the tune which ANTI then released as an extra on YouTube.

The Mallwalker EP.jpeg

THE MALLWALKER EP by Saintseneca
Released December 9, 2016

Traditionally the band Saintseneca releases an original Christmas song every December. In December 2016 they released a group of them as the Mallwalker EP. I recorded & mixed the last two songs on the record: On Holiday, & the title track Mallwalker.

Dark Arc.jpeg
Dark Arc

DARK ARC by Saintseneca
Released April 1, 2014 by ANTI Records

I recorded & produced an early version of Dark Arc with Saintseneca at my home studio in Columbus, Ohio. The band was able to get that version in the hands of ANTI Records who realized how amazing they were & signed them to a record deal! With the new label in place Saintseneca continued to expand on the tracks with producer Mike Mogis at ARC Studios in Omaha, Nebraska. The finished version was mixed by Mike Mogis & has a combination of parts recorded in both sessions.