Saintseneca The Wandering Star

Released December 23, 2017

Saintseneca's annual Christmas song for 2017. This track was recorded by the band & sent off to me for mixing at my home studio in Columbus, Ohio. Was able to turn this one around quick so the band could release just before the holiday as free download on their bandcamp site.

Happy Life With Food

Released December 1, 2017

This album was originally recorded by the band at home & was sent to me for mixing & mastering. I love the lush huge sound the finished album has. This was the first record I mixed after adding a vintage spring reverb unit to my studio & it got used all over this record. One of my favorite project's to date! 


MOON BARKS AT THE DOG by Saintseneca
Released November 14, 2017 by Anti Records

I recorded Sainseneca's Zac Little playing this song in my studio in Columbus, OH (see a video of the original take here). The band then took the song and did some overdubs on their end. We also tracked the bass & a few more things back at my place in another session.  I was able to sneak in Max Lewis of Way Yes playing his signature surdo in the climax of the song (It's mixed more like a kick drum, but see if you can pick it out). Zac's songwriting never ceases to amaze me. Hard to mess this one up!  

Air In The Embers.png
Air In The Embers.png

These Days (Glenn Davis Remix)

by The Receiver

I was asked to remix a track for The Receiver's Air In The Embers release on Kscope Records. I chose 'These Days' because of the haunting vocals and complex chord changes. I chopped up the vocals to create a whole new melody early in the remix & then revisited the actual chorus later in the song. Check out the rest of the album on The Reciever's website.

Waves & Webs

Released July 22, 2016 via Gold Robot Records

Waves & Webs was my big break up album & also my first full length solo release since founding Way Yes. The album explores a simpler & softer side, dealing with loss & the complexity of relationships. At the time I was listening to a lot of comfort music: Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Joan Armatrading, Van Morrison, & Arthur Russell. Listening to those songs helped me heal, but I had to write my own to fully move on. The album was self-recorded & mixed in Columbus, Ohio.


Pussy Cloud is a cloud-based collaboration between two kindred, feminist-rich spirits. They discuss what it’s like sifting through life today with a lady lens. I created a theme song for their pod that they play at the beginning and end of every episode. Warning: It's an ear worm! 

Such Things.jpeg
Such Things.jpeg

How Many Blankets Are In The World (Glenn Davis Remix)

by Saintseneca

Blankets was a song that grabbed me from the first time I heard it. Zac of Saintseneca has a magic songwriting touch that was a blast to reinterpret. This track ended up as an online extra for ANTI records while they were promoting the album Such Things.

Lost World.jpg

Lost World

Released March 25, 2016 by Scioto Records

Lost World was written & recorded in my home studio in November 2013. The album explores rhythm & repetition through simple chord progressions. The lyrics contemplate meditation and finding peace amongst chaos. I was influenced by the contagious grooves of Talking Heads & Arthur Russell. The album was self-recorded, mixed, & mastered in Columbus, Ohio.

Album art by Steph Neary

Palms Were A Bad Choice.jpeg
Palms Were A Bad Choice


This album was an attempt to showcase the raw intensity & intimacy of Counterfeit Madison. I lugged a vintage mixing board loaded with a beautiful spring reverb to Summit on 16th United Methodist who was kind enough to let us use their piano one afternoon. Then I just got out of the way as Counterfeit did her thing. The moment was perfect. Still gives me chills every time.  A few vocal overdubs & mixing were handled shortly after in my home studio in Columbus, Ohio.

Released February 12, 2015 by Counterfeit Madison

CK Animation Reel 2016.png

I created an original tune called Air Guppy for Chris Koelsch's 2016 Animation Reel:

The Mallwalker EP.jpeg

Traditionally the band Saintseneca releases an original Christmas song every December. In December 2016 they released a group of them as the Mallwalker EP. I recorded & mixed the last two songs on the record: On Holiday, & the title track Mallwalker.

Cody Corner.jpeg
Cody Corner.jpeg

Cody Corner Podcast

by Glenn Davis

I composed a few original tunes for episode 6 of the wonderfully weird podcast Cody Corner.  The episode was released in March 2017.


I created music & sound effects for the Browsium "Modern IT Hero" video. It was released in January 2017 to introduce their suite of browser management tools:

Friends For Equlity Vol 2.jpeg

In May 2017 a previously unreleased track of mine called Gas Mask was included on Vol. 2 of the Friends For Equality compilation. Check out the full release to support a great cause & hear tracks by 50 different artists from all over the world! This song was written & recorded in my home studio in Columbus, OH.

Dark Arc.jpeg
Dark Arc

Released April 1, 2014 by ANTI Records

I recorded & produced an early version of Dark Arc with Saintseneca at my home studio in Columbus, Ohio. The band was able to get that version in the hands of ANTI Records who realized how amazing they were & signed them to a record deal! With the new label in place Saintseneca continued to expand on the tracks with producer Mike Mogis at ARC Studios in Omaha, Nebraska. The finished version was mixed by Mike Mogis & had a combination of parts recorded in both sessions.

Tog Pebbles.jpeg

Tog Pebbles

Released May 7, 2013

Tog Pebbles is the first full length album from Way Yes (a band I co-founded in 2010). I wrote half the songs on the album (3, 5, 7, 8, & 10) & co-produced & mixed the songs with my band mates. Below is the original press release for the record:

Les Brown once said: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars". If that is true, Way Yes exploded on takeoff. But the explosion itself is worth noting. The countdown began early 2010 in Columbus, Ohio as the musical collaboration of Glenn D. Davis Sr and Travis M. Hall Sr. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Maxwell N. Lewis Sr, and percussionist Timothy W.H. Horak Sr, the band set out to create feel good music with a dark twist. After releasing 7 inches (Oranjudio) and an Extended-Player (Walkability) on Lefse RecordsWay Yes are now set to release their debut Long-Player, Tog Pebbles on May 7th, 2013. Here is the track listing for Tog Pebbles with the titles of the songs replaced by thematic summaries:

1. dead mom
2. shitty job
3. fear of abandonment
4. self loathing love song
5. bipolar disorder
6. stress, etc.
7. suicidal grandma
8. neimeyer's lunch
9. dead mom
10. dead friend

It is rumored that Les Brown once said: "Listening to Tog Pebbles is like attending a funeral on a beach. The funeral is for someone you only met once, but the beach, oh my God, the beach… It is something to see.